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The port watchtowers

In the 14th century, a grid of mutually defensive positions for the strategic control of the port developed in the area of Livadia. On two hills, two forts dominated on the right and the left side of the bay, those of Lambros and Faneromeni. Their ruins are still distinguished. At the back of the current village there were two more watchtowers, the castle of Agiosykia at the top of the homonymous hill and that of Stavros at the Amali point. Very few relics of their, once, compact walls are still preserved.


Medieval tower of Mikro Horio

At the highest point of the currently abandoned village, ruins of semicircular tower are preserved. It was built of small stones joined with very strong mortar (kourasani) and dates back to the late Byzantine years. Allegedly it had a big perimeter. 



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