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The capital of Donoussa is amphitheatrically built above a sandy beach in which there is the only pier for large ships to anchor. The settlement does not have the dense layout found in the Cycladic Chores. However, the walls are white-washed here as well, the windows are painted with blue or green oil paint, the yards have a sweet smell from the bloomed flowers and the balconies offer a majestic view to the sea.

It is worth going up to Panagitsa, the beautiful country church at the top of the hill, visiting the church of Timios Stavros – a true masterpiece of the Cycladic architecture –, as well as equally elegant Agios Ioannis. The size difference of the churches compared to the rest of the buildings shows their importance as centres of worship, as well as gathering. In Stavros (which is also called Kambos) there are accommodations, restaurants, traditional cafés, mini markets, and bars. The Town Hall and the clinic of the island are located here as well.

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