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The oldest monuments of Nisyros are dated in the Neolithic times and ever since the Classic antiquity the acropolis called Palaiokastro (6th-4th century) has been preserved. The sturdy wall is made of black trachyte which is impressive for its size. Its thickness was 3-5 meters, every 25 meters it had square towers with a width of almost 10 meters, while some of its stones reach a weight of 3.5 tons. The western and northern part of the hill ends up in a steep and rocky shore which is the natural fortification.    Info Part of the defensive system with towers and observatories that run through Nisyros and the surrounding islets were used to warn through smoke or fire about forthcoming dangers.

Other archaeological sights

In the neighborhood of Agios Sasvas, walls are preserved, perhaps remains of public buildings and ancient temples, probably of Neptune. In the position Ellinika there are ruins of large buildings and an ancient tomb. In the position Kateros and in Drakospilio tower-like structures are preserved. Close to Panagia Spiliani the traces of a large well-built edifice of black trachyte, of the same style with Palaiokastro, are perhaps the ruins of a temple that would dominate because of its location on the island. Outside the gate of Palaiokastro there are ruins of an ancient temple, probably of Mercury, while close to Agia Triada they are believed to be of Meilichios Zeus. There are other remains of temples in the positions Kardia and Kampi.  
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