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The settlements of Nisyros are built overlooking the east so as to be protected by the western winds. The streets are small, paved and end up in the square. In Emporios the square is closed and it is surrounded by the houses and the church, in Nikia it is elliptical and in Mandraki it has been planned by the Italians. The squares are usually empty in the centre while the church and the café are located on their edge. The traditional houses of Nisyros are two-storeyed and they are not very different. They are differentiated by the chimneys, the drainpipes, the stairs, the windows and the colors in the wooden balconies.  On the basement, the ground room is destined for weaving, kneading, baking and storage apart from cooking. On the upper level there is the living room and the bedroom. The wooden deck which serves for sleep (alone) is interesting, while there is storage room below. The courtyard, cobbled most of the times, is behind the house.


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