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The castle of Chora

Until the 17th century, the locals lived inside the castle that is located on a hill northwest of the current settlement. Its fortification consisted of the reinforced walls of the houses of its perimeter and some rudimentary surrounding walls. Part of one of the three or four defensive turrets of the castle has been preserved at the base of the stone masonry of the Paraportiani complex, while part of another turret still exists next to Panagia Priani, on the south side of the castle. The settlement expanded towards Mparkia (Parikia), Matoyiannia, Niochori (in the 19th and 20th century) and Limni during a period of economic growth that lasted up until the beginning of the Greek War of Independence.  


It is located near Ano Mera and it is an important archaeological site. As you take the turn towards Paleokastro, you will first come across the fortified enceinte of the nunnery of Paleokastro and then you will notice the ruins of the so-called Ghisi garrison headquarters that were built during the Venetian rule. The chapel of Agios Vlassis stands out among them. A gate with an inscription indicating the existence of the archaeological site is located opposite the chapel. The island’s second ancient city (apart from the one that existed at the current location of Chora) was found in the area of Ano Mera. Parts of an ancient wall were discovered under the castle of Ghisi, where the nunnery of Paleokastro is located today. Building foundations, residues of funerary fires and ceramics of the Geometric, Archaic and Hellenistic period were also discovered in the area.     
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The towers of Mykonos

The towers of Mykonos attest to the existence of a very old defense system that protected the farmhouses and the settlements of the countryside. The tower of Linos is the most important one of them. An ancient marble column with the so-called “inscription of the Synoecism” carved on it was found here in 1873. The second most notable tower is located at Portes, over Platis Gialos. It is circular and has three granite stone blocks.  
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