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Panagia Spiliani

It has been the religious centre of the island since the 18th century and famous in all the surrounding islands for the miraculous icon that is located in its church, the small chapel in the rock. The fully white monastery on the steep volcanic rock beside the castle of the Knights of Saint John is impressive, and the ascent there, especially in the afternoon, is an exciting moment of your journey on the island

Other Churches and Chapels

As it happened in many other parts of Greece, over or adjacent to the ancient temples, often with their materials, the first early-Christian churches and monasteries of Nisyros were built. Most of them have the type of the three-aisled Hellenistic basilica with two columns, mosaic floors, a semicircular apse and marble or stone iconostasis. The 9 early-Christian churches and the monasteries of the Byzantine period are within the settlements or scattered around the island. - The Monastery of Stavros on the hill of the western part of the valley of Lakki. It is celebrated on September 14. - The Monastery of Panagia Kyra (Virgin Mary, our Lady) celebrated on August 23. - The Monastery of Agios Ioannis the Theologian in Nikia. It is celebrated on September 26. - The Monastery of Evaggelistria, 4 km from Mandraki. It is celebrated on the Tuesday after Easter.
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