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Olive oil is the base of the traditional cuisine of the island. The locals favor fresh fish and seafood in general as well as meat from local farms. There are also many types of pasta that are locally produced. The “pitaridia” are noodles in meat broth. You should try the local “dolmades” (grape leaves filled with rice and spices) and the “pastitsio” (a baked pasta dish with vegetables). The “katimeria” are pancakes with mizithra cheese served with honey and cinnamon. The “ksismata” are wheat bread kneaded with grated mizithra cheese and spices. The “lampropites” are big round cheese pies filled with the so-called “prosfa”, namely unsalted mizithra cheese kneaded with eggs and leaven. The “kokkino tiri” (=red cheese) that is kept wrapped in red wine sediment in order to mature is a nice appetizer. The “pligouri”, namely ground wheat cooked with pork, constitutes a hearty meal.

The cherry tomato preserves of Kos and its baklava are renowned. The honey of Antimachia is one-of-a-kind. It deserves to bear the label “Protected Designation of Origin” on its packaging. The “kokkino tyri” is made from goat milk that is kept wrapped in red wine sediment.


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