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The cuisine of Leros is based on local pure ingredients and –mainly-traditional recipes. Of course, fish and other seafood constitute a unique tasting experience, since they are totally fresh and their price is reasonable. You should taste “koukouvades” (red mullets with rosemary and raisins), “kakavia” (Greek fish soup), smoked octopus and sea-urchin salad. In addition, you should taste the local mizithr, which is used in the traditional cheese pie, as well as in the small fava pies. 

The local meat is also very delicious, since the animals are fed with the particularly aromatic flora of the island. The goat cooked in egg-and-lemon sauce, as well as lahanodolmades (cabbage rolls), are truly remarkable dishes. Here, diples (Greek dessert) are called “laggites”, loukoumades are called “sviggi” and “patsavouropita” is the local version of yogurt pie. Finally, you can drink “gkavafa” (juice from the fruit of a small uncultivated bush belonging to Mirtoidi), which is rich in vitamin A and Omega-3 fatty acids.

For dessert, you should taste the famous “amigdalota” of the island, the “pouggakia” or the homemade spoon sweets, such as bitter orange, quince and eggplant.


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