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Kastelorizo: Set sail to unknown

Did you know that Kastelorizo is also known as Megisti? The name means “the biggest” or “the greatest”, yet the island seems to be the smallest of the Dodecanese.  Peculiar, isn’t it?


It occurs that the name refers to the fact that it is the largest of a small unnoticeable archipelago, a complex of fourteen rocky islets and islands. So while at this small yet beautiful settlement, why not visit its tiny archipelago? When going as far as the easternmost islet of the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean Sea, one has to truly experience all.


It's a well-known fact that sailing allows you to reach otherwise inaccessible places, away from the well-trodden tourist trail. Sun-drenched beaches where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea, mystical coves and unrivalled natural beauty await you. Impressively exotic places,  like the Blue Caves, accessible only by boat.


The islet of Rho (also called Agios Georgios or Rhopi) lies to the southwest of Kastelorizo. It is known for its sole inhabitant Despina Achladioti, the Lady of Rho, who lived there completely alone for 40 years. Every morning she raised the Greek flag and took it down every evening as the sun set. What started as a patriotic act of resistance during the Nazi Occupation continued until her death in 1982. On the isle of Strongolio, one will have the opportunity to enjoy the azure waters and the sight of an imposing lighthouse.


On the other hand, why stop there? Sailing can take you a step further from the isle complex of Kastelorizo. Explore all the Dodecanese islands with a sailing boat and reach the nearby paradises!


A trip to the isles of Kastelorizo is an experience not to be missed. Will you set sail to unknown…?

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