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The island is a paradise for fish and seafood lovers. Here you can taste various kinds of fresh fish and seafood dishes, such as lobster with spaghetti, a delicious seafood soup, the traditional octopus balls and a fish soup with lemon. Additionally, the local rabbit cooked in various ways, the stuffed goat with rice and herbs,the lentil soup cooked with something like bulgur, the stuffed vine leaves and the courgette flowers stand out among the rest of the local dishes.
The aromatic amber honey of Astypalaia is excellent. Try anything with honey: “xerotigana” (fried pastries), donuts, sesame seed candy, baklava, “diples” (fried pastry strips) and the so-called "poungi" pie with kopanisti cheese and honey.
The “ladotyri” (on the grill), the “mizithra” (in a basket), and the “anthotyro” cheese are the most famous types of cheese on the island.
The microclimate of the island favors the cultivation of a special fruit: the thin-skinned mandarin.



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