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-The Parian wine is famous ever since antiquity. The vineyard of Paros is classic Aegean and the most dominant variety is white Monemvasia (Malvasia) which according to the local oenologists has survived without mutations from the Venetian occupation up to today. Another variety that is cultivated is red Mantilaria. The most well-known wine of Paros is the red dry one of Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality (OPAP).

- Extremely tasty are the cheese products such as “xynomyzithra” (sour myzithra cheese) and “touloumisio” cheese (cheese aged in goat skin).

- Olive oil, green olive oil and honey of superb quality are produced in Paros.

- "Gouna" (salted sun dried fish) is a distinctive characteristic of Parian cuisine. There are other flavors that will be hard to find anywhere else in Greece: “Salatouri” (stingray salad), “karavoli” (escargot) which are grilled on the coals as well, but they are also boiled with garlic sauce, “kolitsanokeftedes” (meatballs) with sea anemones, cheese, mint and herbs, “ladenii” (honeyed biscuits with olive oil instead of butter), “patido” (lamb stuffed with rice, chicken livers, cheese and raisins).

-“Suma” is the local “tsipouro”.

- The bread and the bakery pastries of Paros are unique because the bakeries of the island still make some types in the traditional way from which the visitors purchase significant quantities after trial, such as brown bread made with sourdough, Parian “koulouria” (circular bread with sesame seeds), “kritharokouloures” (barley rusks), “paximadia” (barley or wheat dried pieces of bread), “kouloures” (ring-like bread rolls), country pies, sweet and savory “myzithra” cheese pies, “kolopia” (small herb pies), “amygdalota” (almond cookies) and “pastelia” (sesame seed candies).

-All local products are used in the restaurants of the island.


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