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The Archaeological Museum of Kimolos

The Archaeological Museum of Kimolos is housed in an old two-storey building of unique architectural value, dating back to the 19th century and renovated in 2008. With the presentation of audiovisual material and the exhibition of findings, the visitor will certainly learn a lot about the island’s history. The permanent exhibition includes findings from the area of Ellinika, as well as unparalleled collections and traditional elements from various parts of the island.  Also the visitor has the opportunity to see copies of two resolutions that played a significant role in the island’s history (the originals are kept in other museums). The Museum exhibits prove that Kimolos has a “past” of many thousands of years and verify that the human presence and activity on the island goes back to the prehistoric years and the Late Neolithic Period.

Folk and Maritime Museum

It includes exhibits about Kimolos traditional professions and home equipment and is housed in a two-storey building inside the Kastro,  next to Pano Porta. You may find handmade embroideries, original furniture and “corners” for various professions of that time, such as the tailor, the shoe-maker, the carpenter, the maritime corner and the weaving room. Many of the items are donations of the locals. The museum was founded by Dr. Manolis Christoulakis.     
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