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Aegean Maritime Museum

It is housed in a captain’s house of the 19th century that belonged to captain Nikolaos Sourmelis, who aided the Cretans in their fight against the Turks. It was founded in 1983 by the Mykonian ship owner Georgios Drakopoulos and it has been open to the public since 1985. The museum’s exhibits illustrate the history of shipping in the Aegean region from Antiquity until today. They include ship models from the pre-Minoan period to the end of the 19th century, maps, engravings, numerous coins, amphorae, navigation and shipping instruments etc. There is a collection of replicas of ancient funerary sculptures with sea-related subjects and a turret with the mechanism of the lighthouse of Armenistis in the garden.  
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Folklore Museum

It is housed in a two-storey captain’s house of the 18th century in the Kastro area near Paraportiani. It was dedicated in 1962. It has six rooms in which old furniture, Byzantine icons, ceramics, weights and measures, ship models etc. are exhibited. You will find the exhibition “Mykonos and the sea” on the ground floor, where the well of pirate Mermelechas is also located. It was discovered during maintenance works in 1977  
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It is housed in a reconstructed mill at the Upper Mills of Chora. It was built in the 16th century and it is a three-storey, cylindrical building with a reed roof. The mill operates regularly, while a small museum has been created inside it. It includes exhibits from other traditional rural facilities (threshing floor, bakery, well, wine press, mangle, dovecote, pig stable etc). The chapels of Agios Antonios and Agios Nikolaos stand next to the mill. An important collection of tools of the pre-industrial period is housed in the miller’s house.
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Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

It is housed in a building of 1902, in the area of Kaminaki (or Kamnaki) in Chora. The ancient vessels stand out from the rest of its collections. Most of the findings come from Delos and Rineia. However, there are many exhibits from excavations on Mykonos as well, among which a big jar from a Tinian workshop of the 7th century BC. Funerary statues and tombstones of the 2nd and 1st century BC, vessels dating from the middle of the 3rd millennium BC to the 1st century BC, as well as figurines, jewelry and small objects of the 2nd and 1st century BC are on display in the museum.  
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Cultural Agencies

The Public Benefit Municipal Enterprise for the Cultural Development of Mykonos and the Cultural Organization ‘Georgios Axiotis’ aim, on behalf of the Municipality of Mykonos, at serving the needs of the modern Mykonian community, as well as at the cultural recognition of Mykonos. Both agencies promote another side of the island, which is different from the one promoted by the media but equally important for locals and visitors. In this way, they highlight that Mykonos is also a place of quality entertainment, artistic movement and culture. Please visit the website of the Municipality of Mykonos for further information

Municipal Library

The library’s foundation in 1957 was sponsored by the Mykonian historian Ioannis Meletopoulos. It includes 6.000 volumes from the personal collection of Meletopoulos, as well as books from other donators. The library now has 11.500 volumes in total. It is housed in a well-maintained house of 1735 which belonged to Dimitrios Mavrogenis, who was the brother of Wallachia’s ruler Nikolaos Mavrogenis, the voivode (governor) of Mykonos and the grandfather of Manto Mavrogenous. You will find a notable collection of ancient coins and old seals in the library, along with a part of Mykonos’s historical archive (with documents from 1830 to 1940). The correspondence of Manto Mavrogenous stands out from the rest of the old documents. Info It is located at the square of Agia Kyriaki (or Kampani). Tel.: +30 22890 27190

Municipal Art Gallery

It is housed in the old house of the Mykonian painter Maria Iglessi and it includes works of Greek and foreign artists. Exhibitions and events are often held in the gallery in collaboration with the Mykonos School of Fine Arts, a branch of the Athens School of Fine Arts. Info It is located in Matoyiannia. Tel.: +30 22890 27190

House of study, culture and tradition

The Mykonian teacher and writer Panagiotis Kousanthas donated his books to the Municipality of Mykonos, creating at the same time the House of Culture and Tradition. It includes 10.000 volumes of rare publications about the history and culture of the island from the Aniquity to recent times.  

Lena’s House

It is a typical Mykonian house of the 19th century that was named after its last owner, Lena Skrivanou. The decoration of the house includes furniture and ornaments (embroidery, mirrors, engravings), just like the ones that the Mykonian merchants and captains used to bring back home from their voyages in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Info It is located next to the Maritime Museum at Tria Pigadia. Open from April to October. Tel.: +30 22890 22390
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