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Sightseeing Tour with the Butterfly Train

Get the most out of your Sightseeing Tour to the Valley of the Butterflies

The valley is visited by thousands of tourists seasonally, but the monastery due to the location is missed by the majority. Why? With a distance of 1.5 klm of steep climb to the summit it is virtually impossible to reach even by those who choose to walk to the top of the valley. Our convenient mini butterfly train can change that! It’s circuit within the valley is available to transport you up to the summit where you can visit this amazing historical monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built in 1780 in the exact same location as the original which dates back to the 13th century. Plus it is a perfect opportunity to also experience some breathtaking views over the valley, the coastline. From the summit there is an entrance into the valley, where you can follow the river down through the verdant valley full of small waterfalls, ponds and wooden bridges back to the entrance or alternatively just hop back on the mini-train for the decent. The mini-butterfly train is an enjoyable ride for all and is extremely practical for visitors with small babies/toddlers and the elderly alike. 

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