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1.Falatados – [Μyrsini] – Μanganari -Plati – Livada Beach

The path is marked, stone-paved for the most part, and has small steps wherever needed. It is mainly next to a river and descends without significant differences in elevation.

You will start out from the parking lot located at the northern end of Falatados. After 5 minutes you will meet the aquaduct of Falatados, which, as the marble inscription reads, was built between 1750 and 1850. The path descends towards the stream. On the right, you will see an intersection with another path (also marked), which leads to Myrsini. Walk straight ahead, and slightly farther on you will meet the first of the many watermills along the route.

The vegetation along the stream is luxuriant, with mainly plane trees and oak trees prevailing. 20 minutes after starting out, you will see the country chapel of Prodromou on your right. In the middle of the route you will cross to the other side of the stream with a cement bridge.

As you approach Livada, you will see more and more round granite rocks, which resemble those of Volax. The path follows a dirt road for 100 meters and then follows the stream again. At this point there are two round rocks with blue markings that show the right direction to take.

Towards the end of the route, the vegetation becomes denser.

You will pass below the reservoir and come out onto the dirt road to Livada.

From there you can continue walking for another 20 minutes to reach the Papargyras lighthouse, one of the wildest and most attractive sites on the island.





The Municipality of Tinos, in cooperation with the Region of the Southern Aegean, created a booklet about the paths of the island.

You can obtain more information from the Municipality of Tinos by calling :

+ 30 22833 60100 and on the website



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