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The homonymous cove has only a small opening to the sea. The first houses of the village are built very close to it forming the quarter of Exo Vathi. There is also an anchorage for small boats there. The second district, Mesa Vathi, is located at the innermost point of the cove and has more of a rural than a touristic feel, as there are farmhouses with orchards, vineyards and cultivated fields there. The area is accessible via a dirt road beginning east of Maltezana or by boat. There is a regular service from Vai Bay. Traces indicating that the area has been inhabited since the Minoan era were found at the entrance of the cove. Ruins of a tower from the Hellenistic period have also been preserved.  
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Maltezana (or Analipsi)

This is the main holiday resort of the island. The village has a very long beach with a pier, white houses with flowery gardens and picturesque taverns on the beach. Maltezana is also called Analipsi, named after the oldest church of the village. The seaside village is built at the end of a fertile valley and had a turbulent history as pirates often moored in its shallow waters. In fact, Bigot, a French philhellene, set his own ship on fire in 1827 to avoid being captured by them. There is a monument in his honor on the beach of Schinondas.  
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The village is located at the innermost point of a cove of the same name, southwest of the island’s capital. A cool stream flows behind it. The area is filled with mandarin and orange orchards and vineyards.  
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