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It is a beautiful settlement reflecting the financial prosperity brought to the residents by the growth of shipping one and a half century ago. It is characterised by the houses with the neoclassical characteristics and the big gardens which consist of tall pine and araucaria trees.

The churches of Artemonas are numerous. The amazing chapel of Panagia tis Ammou with the icon of Panagia Monachi (meaning without the infant), the big church of Agios Konstantinos at the central square, and Panagia tis Koghis stand out. The reconstructed mills rise on the upper part of the village. In the settlement there are restaurants, hotels, confectionaries and pottery workshops. Next to Panagia tou Bali the visitor will find the folklore exhibition of Sifnos’s Cultural Association.



It is believed that Artemonas took its name after goddess Artemis Ekvatiria, who was worshipped at the place where there is today Panagia tis Koghis.


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