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The beautiful beaches of Tilos ready to steal your heart...

Tilos is waiting for you ... with nineteen beaches! Each of these has its own characteristic, its own unique beauty. The largest and most popular beach is Eristos with fine sand, ideal for free camping lovers, who are setting up tents in the summer beneath the trees. A path on the left side leads to two secluded coves.
Beautiful waters and pebbles are found on Plaka, a beautiful and protected beach of Tilos. Before Plaka, in the northern part of the island there is the picturesque bay of San Antonio, with its small port. In the area there is the ancient cemetery of St. Anthony with fossilized human skeletons, which is particularly important for its historical value. Skeletons are visible only from the sea!
A magnificent pebble beach with cool waters is Lethra where one can enjoy solitary swim . The beach is accessible by trail from Livadia. After 45 minutes of walk you feel like you reach a paradise where you can face the vastness of the Aegean!
The Meadows is essentially the port of Tilos, the "reference point" of the island. Livadia beach is preferred by families, and within walking distance are shops and cafes ... All white pebbles shimmering in the sunlight, clear, clear water and just above the groomed pavement! A place where one can dream  for hours and escape completely from the stress of everyday lifestyle. By boat from Livadia you can reach the beaches Boats, Tholo and Agios Sergios.


There is no way not to find in Tilos Beach your heart !

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