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Tilos: Looking for a green adventure on a lost island.

Tilos is a gem of the Dodecanese islands, rich in both culture and natural beauty, and its breathtaking views represent much of its charm. From peculiar wildlife and spectacular flowers to magnificent historic villages and pure-white secluded beaches, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t find off the dazzling little island.


If you’re searching for a green adventure on a lost island, Tilos is an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy a delightful place away from the bustling city life. Don’t expect too much relaxation, though. With its abundance of beautiful sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters and its mountains turning russet gold in the afternoon, Tilos offers a variety of activities, keeping visitors entertained.


Tilos is a wonderful island for walkers. There are few motor vehicles and it is possible to walk for miles at the high mountain roads and take in wonderful views over the whole of the island, its mountains and coastline as well as the distant mountains of Turkey. The wildlife is spectacular - especially in May and early June. Birds of many kinds, butterflies and small, brilliant alpine flowers blossom and there you can also find the agile entertaining goats! Unlike some of its barren neighbors, the island is abloom with wildflowers and home to a beguiling biodiversity, drawing birdwatchers and wildlife buffs from across the globe. Work up a sweat hiking through its meadows, mountains and valleys then flop onto one of many crystal clear beaches. Its azure waters host many sea turtles.


For the more adventurous, there are many trails to hike. The most well-known is the one which starts from Livadia, passes from the beautiful pebble beach with cool waters Lethra and ends in the medieval small village. Abandoned for almost seven decades, with ruined stone houses, the landscape looks like a film scene.


Once you get in Tilos the best thing you have to do is to restart. To enjoy the island, you have to walk up and down paths, to find yourself in beautiful and secluded beaches and amazing flora and fauna!

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