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Tilos: Ragged mountainscape, densely forested ranges and hilly vistas.

Tilos is a small and very pleasant island between Nisyros and Symi. A blissful tranquil heaven with very friendly local people.For those who need to relax is the right place to be.


In ancient times Tilos was known for perfumes and the poetess Irinna. Sub Minoan influence in the 7th century. B.C. established together with Lindos the colony Gela in Sicily. Around the middle of the 3rd century B.C.. It came under Rhodian state followed its course. In 1304 Tilos subjugated to the Knights Guild and later in 1523 was occupied by the Turks. The final union with Greece came in 1948.


Tilos has many pristine beaches that can be visited by boat or on foot within approximately an hour and keeps alive the Greek island tradition. Eristos, Agios Antonios, Plaka and Agios Sergios are some of the beautiful, crystal clear beaches of the island.

In recent years more and more travelers visit Tilos. The island is ideal for quiet and relaxing holidays and perfect for the history lovers. For those interested into the island’s past there are several ancient, Byzantine and paleontological discoveries, the latest in Charkadio cave. How about a peak at the fossilized bones of dwarf elephants ?

Visit Tilos and spend some time on a pure Dodecanese island. What are you waiting for?

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