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Major Topics

  • DODECANESE: Islands on the edge of the Aegean and the collision of cultures and history

    Forever sought after by different cultures, the Dodecanese islands in the sunniest part of Greece make a wonderful spectacle, with a rich legacy and a wealth of monuments and sightseeing.

  • Great athletic distinction in Australia with ... Rhodian air!

    Luck in Rhodes brought the rider Lukas Katapodis who was the winner of the Gold Cup Cycling Amateur, «UCI Gran Fondo Roads Tour» held for the first time in the "Emerald Isle" in April 2016.

  • Tilos: Looking for a green adventure on a lost island.

    Tilos is a gem of the Dodecanese islands, rich in both culture and natural beauty, and its breathtaking views represent much of its charm. From peculiar wildlife and spectacular flowers to magnificent historic villages and pure-white secluded beaches, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t find off the dazzling little island.

  • Lipsi: An island and a village

    One of the smallest islands in the Dodecanese, Lipsi is brimming with two scenic harbors, white houses, and lovely pristine beaches. It is a quieter, more authentic alternative vacation island, and a great place to combine seaside relaxation with culture and unspoilt rural charm.