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Major Topics

  • On April 30, 2017 the International Marathon Rhodes

    On April 30, 2017 is going to take place the 4th International Marathon Rhodes Road "Roads to Rhodes Marathon". This event is co-organized by the Region of South Aegean in efforts to extend the tourist season and attract visitors during the low season.

  • Dodecanese ideal for elderly tourists-Market objective of the South Aegean Region

    Ideal for older tourists are the Dodecanese. Rhodes as the largest island of the county, hosted during the low tourist season of 2015 and 2016 a large number of Austrian pensioners under the spring meetings of the program organized by the prominent tour operator «Senioren Reisen» for more than forty years!

  • Ialyssia: A cultural festival institution for Rhodes and the Dodecanese

    Ialyssia festival takes place in the Ialyssos area during the first fortnight of August and includes concerts by the choir and the band of the town, traditional dances and songs from local colleges, and participation of groups from other parts of Greece and abroad! It is the longest-running cultural festival on the island and has become an institution!

  • National Exhibition of Handicrafts and Rural Economy of Kremasti: The longest cultural institution!

    The National Exhibition of Handicrafts and Rural Economy of Kremasti is perhaps the longest running cultural event in Rhodes. Its history begins in 1965. Since then and until now it is held each year in August and coincides with the feast of the Assumption on which celebrates the local Church of Panagia Katholiki.