Ancient site of Asclepeion at Kos island in Greece Acropolis of Lindos, Rhodes, Greece Seaview over the white terrace of Santorini, Cyclades,Greece Terrace of the Lions in Historical Ruins in Delos Island

They say of the Aegean that wherever you’re standing, on beach or mountainside, in valley or wood, even at sea, there’s a whole world of history beneath your feet. This summer, you could be lying on golden sand gazing up at 3,000-year-old columns. Everywhere the natural beauty of the islands is adorned with temples, castles, fortresses, sacred ruins, monasteries, churches built on old pagan sites and villages where families have lived and loved for generations. You will experience layer upon layer of culture and heritage to intrigue and entice you.

Every stone has a story to tell, as have the countless museums, full of artifacts to help you unravel fact from myth. Yet, sometimes it is good just to let the mystery be, walking among the statues and pillars of the past, losing yourself in the fantasy of convening with ancient deities , the heroes of fearsome battles springing to life around you and the Mediterranean sun smiling down on your daydreams, as it has done on all those that came before you.

Take a stroll with the ancients.

Recommended Islands


Tinos is known all over Greece, as well as abroad, thanks to the rich pilgrimage of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. However, this island, with its extensive and rich history in the art of marble sculpture, possesses many unique features: its villages, real masterpieces of architecture, the …otherworldly landscape of Volax with the round granite formations, the suggestive rocky hill of Xombourgo with the ruins of the castle, 600 artfully crafted dovecotes, 750 churches and chapels, an excellent network of old paths that cross the whole island, and magnificent beaches. Typical of Tinos is the fact that its villages, with their marble-paved squares, springs, and well-kept houses with their yards full of flowers, are inhabited almost all year long…

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Santorini is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece that has gained international recognition while being the most beautiful and romantic place to visit. What Santorini brings to every visitor’s mind is the myth of the lost city of Atlantis, the Volcanoes [Palea (“Old”) and Nea (“New”) Kammeni], the famous Caldera and the stunning sunset of Oia town. Santorini is also well-known for the whitewashed houses of traditional Cycladic architecture, the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri as well as Ancient Thera. It is also famous for the exceptional wines produced in the vineyards of volcanic land, its local products, its exceptional standards of hospitality -based on the fact that Santorini hosts some of the most luxurious resorts in Greece-…

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Delos is known worldwide as one of the most important and impressive archaeological sites of Greece. The entire island is an archaeological site and has been included on the World Heritage Sites list of UNESCO since 1990. Moreover, it has been an important natural botanical museum with a wide variety of plants for thousands of years. Although it is one of the smallest islands of the Aegean, it used to be the most famous and the most sacred one during the ancient times because, according to the legend, it was there that Apollo-Sun, god of the daylight, and Artemis-Moon, goddess of the nightlight, were born. So the light that has always been the most precious good for the Greeks was…

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The sacred island of Patmos is also known as the island of the Apocalypse and Jerusalem of the Aegean. A powerful, formidable energy runs through the alleys and gets mixed up with the fragrance of the pine trees and the warm and cold currents that caress you during your tour around the island. A tour where you can continuously gaze at the sea, catch sight of the white houses of the settlements and of the “kathismata” (small monastic units), discern the cruise ships, the islets, the Kastelli and the monastery that stands imposing in its sturdy wall, above Chora that deservedly claims the title of one of the most beautiful choras in the Aegean Sea. The powerful and famous throughout…

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Rhodes, the Island of the Knights, as it is called, has much to offer to its visitors and it is hardly surprising that its economy relies to a great extent on tourism, since it is a timeless destination. The Rodini park, the ancient Kamiros and the ancient Ialyssos, the Valley of the Butterflies and the Acropolis of Lindos with the temple of Athena Lindia are only some of the places worth to be seen by every visitor. The Colossus of Rhodes may not dominate the island’s harbor nowadays, but certainly the glamour of antiquity has also surrounded today’s Rhodes, which –at the crossroads of two major sea routes of the Mediterranean, between the Aegean Sea and the coasts of the…

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The atmosphere of this special island state charms from the very first moment: a historical preservable settlement unique in size and elegance that reminds us of the bloom it experienced in the 19th century when it had 25.000 residents. The “humanlike” mansions with their doors-mouths and windows-eyes are all located overlooking the sea, with daring color combinations and layouts which highlight their origin. You will admire them upon arriving at the port by ship and you will enjoy panoramic views from Kali Strata which connects Gialos with Horio or from the route towards Pedi. Additionally you will enjoy the unique route of the small island, 22 km full of surprises, which leads to the renowned monastery of Panormitis, with the…

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The fact that Kos is among the first ranks of the most popular Greek vacation destinations is not a matter of chance. Its antiquities, its monuments from the early Christian times and its medieval castles alone are enough to place the island among the top spots of that list. But the Asclepeion, the Nerantzia Castle and the Antimachia Castle are not the only reasons why the island is swarming with foreign (mainly north European) and Greek tourists every summer. Beaches with cosmopolitan flair like Tigaki, Paradise and Mastihari, green valleys with hot springs and its traditional inland settlements are also among the main tourist attractions of the island. But, once again, that’s not all there is to Kos. The high…

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What is a …Cyclades island doing in the Dodecanese? Or, better yet, what is a …Dodecanese island doing in the Cyclades? Well, one way or another, this is the physiognomy of Astypalaia. An island on the “borderline”. A cultural bridge between the two large island groups. An island located between Amorgos and Kos that never succumbed to mass tourism and still is an ideal place for a quiet holiday. Astypalaia has many advantages. First of all, the island’s centerpieces are its capital and its castle. There are organized and pristine beaches, renowned for their crystal clear deep waters. There are also caves, a waterfall and other natural beauties that are worth visiting and exploring. Finally, the island offers elegant accommodation…

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