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Venetians and Francs called it ‘Arzantiera’, meaning Silvery, for the gray-white rocks that welcome you emerging from a shiny and crystal clear sea, as you reach the port of Psathi. Some wanderers believed that the name was given after the ancient silver quarries, which have not been found up to the present day. The inhabitants though, for thousands of years, have always called it Kimolos, thus showing unlimited respect to a place that has its own unique character and is able to capture their thought and gain their love in an inexplicable way.

With its austere and approachable beauty, the island grabs your attention at first sight. It looks so tranquil!

Yet, this is just an impression, since Kimolos has been created by the volcanic anger. It is depicted on stones of any possible and incredible hue, pebbles with priceless shimmers, golden sandy beaches, rocks with shapes you could not imagine ever existed, hot springs gushing out near the sea.

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Agioklima, Therma, Prassa are only some of the spots north of Kimolos, where hot springs gush out with a temperature over 56 degrees Celsius.

Agioklima and Therma are accessible either on foot or by boat And you can easily reach Prassa, the northeastern part of the island by the main road. There you will find a settlement and baths and you can see bentonite and pozzolan mining carried out.

The most well-known local delicacy is “ladenia”: a unique, clearly Kimolian product made of dough, fresh tomato, onion and olive oil.

You will find “ladenia”, “tirenia” (a type of open cheese pie with bread dough sheet), “elenia” (bread stuffed with Koroni olives) and rusks with Pistacia lentiscus fruits in the bakeries of the island.

You can buy excellent honey, “xino” (sour fresh myzithra cheese), “manoura” (dry cheese wrapped in the “mud” of the must), cucumbers (round, striped, and crunchy that get sweeter when ripped), caper, rock samphires and tomato paste from local tomatoes.

In the taverns you can find Kimolian fresh pasta, tomato meatballs and village salad with Kimolian cucumber and “xino” cheese.

At Easter except for the “tirenies” you will also taste “amarathenies”, “kolokythenies” and “melopita” (honey pie).

At weddings they offer the guests sweet “koulouria” (circular bread with sesame seeds) with elaborate designs and “pasteli” (sesame seed candy).

Kimolos is 87 nautical miles away from the port of Piraeus, a distance covered in 5 to 8 hours depending on the ship and the stops in other islands.

With Psathi, Kimolos’s port, as the starting point, and Pollonia (Apollonia) as the terminal, Kimolos has many itineraries from and to neighboring Milos by a open-type ferry boat and a water taxi (thanks to a hub port and an airport).

Piraeus Port Authority

+30 210 4147800

14944 (ferry boat itineraries)

Kimolos Port Authority

+30 22870 51071

Municipality of Kimolos

+30 22870 51218

Police station

+30 22870 51205

Regional medical centre

+30 22870 51222

Professional Association of Kimolos

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