Amorgos By Boat

Amorgos - By Boat

Cruising around Amorgos is a unique experience. Starting from the port of Aegiali going NE, you pass by the desert beaches of Mikri and Megali Vlychada and after that the evocative, rocky coasts of Krikelos and the old mine await you. Continuing on the west you will find the bay of Sparti which is formed by a huge gulch 500m high and further down the coastal strip of Halara.

Continuing on a southwestern route you will admire the eastern coasts of the island, pass below the monastery of Hozoviotissa and enjoy the landscape of the famous beach of Agia Anna and Kambi with the clear waters. On the southern part of the island there are the beaches of Mouros and Ammoudi and after you leave the last cape on the western side of the island, you will find the cove and the beach of Kalotaritissa.

Sailing towards north now, you will see Paradissia and Kato Kambos and after that you will moor at Katapola having passed by the beaches of Agioi Saranta and Finikes.

Near the north entrance of Katapola’s bay there is Plakes with slate rocks and after that there is Martezi and Agios Panteleimonas. Sailing towards Aegiali you will see the beach of Agios Pavlos and on the other side the islet of Nikouria.

Ports: There are two ports in Amorgos, Aegiali and Katapola, but the bays where you can moor are much more.

-Two statues with female figures welcome you to Katapola (VHF: channel 12). From the side of Agios Panteleimonas, Nafsika is upright on the rock, while on the other side Erato is lying. The bay constitutes an excellent shelter for boats, but it is affected by southwestern to northwestern winds. On the port the seabed is sandy and the anchors take a good grip.

-The port of Aegiali (VHF: channel 12) is affected by the south winds and it offers protection from ‘meltemia’ (north strong winds). Apart from the breakwater, it is safe to moor on the northeastern side of the bay. The seabed is muddy.

Other anchorages.

-Kalotyri-Panagia tis Nikourias: Safe shelter with north to south winds.

-Akrotiri or Kato Kambos. Narrow bay in a fjord shape and excellent shelter, protected in all weather conditions.

–Kalotaritissa. A very small bay, which is ideal only for short draught boats, with a sandy beach.

–Kolofana. The small bay across the islet of Gramvoussa is ideal for anchorage. The seabed is sandy with a depth of 3-4 m.

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