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Built on their deep bay, Katapola is located below ancient Minoa, having the smaller settlements of Rahidi and Xylokeratidi beside it and the valleys of Marmaro and Gyalinas with various cultivations behind it. The “ancient haven” (Katapola means towards the town), so important for the development of ancient Minoa and entire Amorgos, remains the basic port, as well as a tourist attraction. It has cafés, restaurants, rooms to let and hotels. The narrow alleys that lead towards the interior of the settlement are full of tourist and commercial stores. The old drinking fountain of Katapola stands out, with its ancient stones now whitewashed, and Panagia Katapoliani in the forecourt of which there are columns and column capitals.

The walk will bring you up to the beach of Kato Akrotiri. On the other side, towards Rahidi with the church of Agios Georgios which has been built with ancient building material, you will see the nursery school, the Town hall and the small war memorial with the palm trees for the heroes of 1912-22.

The walk up to the peaceful fishing village of Xylokeratidi is beautiful as well. It has many coastal taverns, ouzeri, café bars and rooms to let. In this settlement, the white chapel of Ftohi Panagia (Poor Virgin Mary) stands out with ancient and early Christian building parts. The signposts within the settlement that inscribe “vaulted tombs” refer to two chamber tombs of the Mycenaean period at Katiforida which have been excavated while today they are fenced.

You will find more info about the archaeological monuments of the area at the portal of the Ministry of Culture.

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