Amorgos Tholaria

Amorgos - Tholaria Amorgos - Tholaria

This village is one of the most beautiful on the island and it keeps its traditional architecture. It has many old districts: Atsidofolia, Seladi, Mylos or Plaka, Pano Gitonia, Vorina and Skali.

The church of Agioi Anargyroi with the blue dome, the double belfries and the dark red outlines stands out from afar and it is the core of the settlement. At the summer nights the central narrow alley which abuts to its forecourt comes alive. Everyone passes by here, they go to the historic traditioanl café of Mangas for ‘rakomela’ (raki with honey) and tidbits, or they go straight ahead towards Kamara. Around it there are the old grocery-coffee shop of Horeftis, little taverns, gift shops, cafés and a confectionery.

In Tholaria the characteristic ‘fani’ (chimneys) of the houses covered with broken ‘kioupia’ (jars), the ‘pezoules’ (terraces) which gird the surrounding slopes and at least 20 threshing floors that the locals still produce their fava stand out. In the alleys, as in other villages of Amorgos, you will see drawn flowers, suns and geometric designs in white color.

Ancient Aegiali was built on Vigla hill which is 15 minutes away.

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