Fishing Boat, Chora Anafi, Cyclades, Greece, Europe ©Clairy Moustafellou /IML

The fact that there are beaches with difficult to nonexistent land access highlights the importance of boats apart from being means of recreation to a means of travel as well. The passage by Kalamos is the most superb experience in the circumnavigation of the island.

The port of Agios Nikolaos got deeper in the 80s. Liners moor in its two large piers. Since there is no mooring for smaller boats, you can moor there, or wherever you are permitted.

Other moorings: When Sorokos blows, you can moor safely NE at the bay of Symiakos, while when Garbis blows, a good haven is offered by Livoskopos. The SE winds require serious attention because of the wave lift they cause.

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