Anafi Festivals and Costums

Festival, Panagia Kalamiotissa Monastery, Chora
Anafi, Cyclades, Greece, Europe
©Clairy Moustafellou /IML

RESURRECTIOΝ. Those who will be in Anafi on Good Saturday, they will have a memorable olfactory experience. The ‘fournia’, the built cylindrical ovens that each house in Chora has burn vine branches since noon to warm up properly. In the afternoon of the same day the Easter baking tray with the goat goes in those ovens and their orifice is hermetically sealed with mud. From that moment an excruciatingly slow, for the noses of those in hurry, baking begins, releasing a riot of smells in the air of the settlement that whet the appetite. In the evening of the same day the residents of Anafi flock to the churches to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with volleys of improvised fireworks and firecrackers.

JUDAS. On Easter day the residents of Anafi hang an effigy of Judas made of straw and old clothes and the most hot-blooded of their compatriots start shooting it with shotguns and rifles.

CELEBRATIONS. Every summer, in late August, the Community of Anafi and the Association of Anafi’s Residents organize the sports races called “Argonautica”. They include running, football and sack races. The annual institution ends with a big feast in Chora.

FESTIVALS. The biggest local religious celebration is the double festival of the monasteries of Zoodochos Pigi and Kalamiotissa, each year on 7 and 8September.

Other important festivals are:

-Profitis Ilias, in Vryssi (July 20)

-Agios Panteleimonas, in Vagia (July 27)

-in the church of Kimisi tis Theotokou (Dormition of Virgin Mary) (August 15)

-Agios Dimitrios, in Mantroulo (October 27)

–Agios Antonios in the homonymous Byzantine country church (January 17)

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