Anafi Kalamos and Roukounas

Anafi - Kalamos and Roukounas

The areas Kalamos and Roukounas have been included in the international network of environmental protection Natura 2000 and the entire island constitutes an important area for the bird fauna. The gigantic solid rock of Kalamos looking like a head in the eastern edge of the island is particularly renowned to the experienced climbers and mountaineers. The asphalted road stops at the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. From that point a well-marked path leads straight to the peak of Kalamos, at 461m.

On the rock of Kalamos and in the rock islets of Ftena, Makria and Pachia Falco eleonorae builds its nests. This migrant hawk arrives to the Mediterranean in April. In October it returns to the SE of Africa and mainly to Madagascar. The 85% of its worldwide population is reproduced in Greece, while only in Anafi over 300 couples are hosted. Here Larus audouinii nests as well, the only gull met exclusively in the Mediterranean.

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