Anafi The ‘katikies’ of Anafi

On terraces, in the middle or on the fringes of cultivating areas, various farmhouses small in size are distinguished. They are stone-built modular complexes consisting of a residence room and a kitchen, a storage room, a barn, an oven, a threshing floor, a wine press, a corral etc. These traditional ‘katikies’ of Anafi formed the core of the rural economy of the island, indicating the permanent relationship between the residents and the land.

Apart from points of relaxation from the rural toil they were also places of producing local products (wheat, cheese, wool, wine, honey etc).

Recognized as preserved buildings since 2004, today in the inland of the island there are 52 ‘katikies’ preserved. You will see most of them in the areas of Lakkoi (15), in Vryssi (13), and on the way to the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (12).

Source: Μ. Kourti: “I katikies tis Anafis”, Publications of Ministry for the Aegean/ 2004

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