Andros Agia Triada

The construction of the monastery began in the 19th century. The School that operated in Agia Triada was founded in 1813 by a hieromonk called Samuil Plasimis or Skazis. It became the first Greek school that operated during the Ottoman period. According to old texts, the School had a big classroom, teachers’ lodges, a kitchen, students’ apartments and a church with a bell tower. Today the monastery has more or less the same layout. There used to be an aqueduct in the monastery, as well, that covered the needs of the whole area of Korthi. Many Andrian bishops and archbishops graduated from the School of Agia Triada. In 1862, the School was merged with the school of Korthi which operated there up until 15 years ago. Today, the Municipality holds conferences and exhibitions in these facilities that have been turned into an environmental education centre. The monastery has also a library with old books and manuscripts dating back to the Byzantine period.

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