Andros By Boat

Cyclades - Andros

A boat tour of the island that has an almost 80NM long coastline is particularly interesting. The only problem that you may face is the strong wind that blows over it during the summer, especially along the famous strait of Cavo D’ Oro.

– There is a large pier for big ships and a smaller marina for inflatable boats and sailboats in the port of Chora.

– Only small boats can dock at the harbor of Batsi (VHF: channel 12). However, the fact that the bay is enclosed makes it a safe anchorage. It is protected against the etesians, but is open to the south wind.

– Gavrio (VHF: channel 12) is the main port of the island. It is an enclosed and safe bay, but it gets wavy due to the liners. There are reefs at its southeastern entrance.

-Small boats can dock at Ormos Korthiou, but the cove is open to the northeast wind.

-Other anchorages: the bay of Palaiopoli, with its sunken jetty, is protected against the etesians, but it is open to the south winds. You can moor off shore there. South of the Zagora promontory you will find the bay of Plaka.

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