Andros Festivals and Customs

The festival of Panagia Theoskepasti in Chora, on the 5th Saturday of Lent, is a very important one. An icon procession and a torch march accompanied by dancing take place during the festival.

In the afternoon of Easter Sunday, the villagers in Palaiopoli and Ormos Korthiou play the game of tsounia on the streets. It is a traditional game that is similar to bowling.

On June 23, on the eve of the feast day of Saint John the Baptist, the traditional custom of Klidonas is reenacted in Chora and the villages of Korthi and in many other areas of Greece, as well.


The Presentation of Mary (on November 21).

The Assumption of Mary in Korthi (on August 15).

There is a festival on the Friday after Easter at the Μonastery of Zoodochos Pigi that is located over Batsi.

Holy Trinity in Pano Korthi.

There is a festival on Easter Monday at the Μonastery of Panagia Tromarchiani in Korthi.

Agios Panteleimonas at the Μonastery of Panachrantou (on July 27).

Agios Fanourios in Ormos Korthiou (on August 27).

Agios Filippos in Batsi (on November 14).

Agios Nikolaos Μonastery (on December 6).

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