Andros The watermills at Dipotamata in Korthi

Andros - The watermills at Dipotamata in Korthi

This is one of the most beautiful places of the island, a heaven on earth with lush vegetation, old watermills and stone bridges. Dipotamata stretches over 7km and it is part of the route of those who traveled from Chora to Korthi and back (4 hours in total, passing through Syneti and Kochylou). In fact, this was the only route connecting them until 1950. A large part of this magnificent route in Dipotamata is signposted by the Municipality. The main trail meets other smaller ones that connect the villages of Korthi to the fields and the watermills. 22 of the watermills of Dipotamata still stand. They were built by skillful stoneworkers who were famous during their time. Most of the watermills of Andros date back to the early 19th century. The abundant water supply of the island is the reason why so many of them were built. There used to be 137 watermills on the island. The fact that Dipotamata is a naturally protected area with water flowing constantly through it and with many villages nearby is the reason why so many watermills were built in this area. All the mills, which were made of slate, had similar dimensions: they were about 6m long, 2 to 2.2m wide and 2m tall. They also tended to become narrower at the top. Their millstones came from Milos. Some watermills had an ancillary building next to them.

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