Antiparos The geo-technological monument of Antiparos

Limonite ore, from which iron containing pockets of azurite and zinc are extracted, can be found on the western slopes of Profitis Ilias of Antiparos. The Greek Mining Company began mining operations in 1873 and started mining zinc from Kaki Skala. In 1900 the mines were taken over ​​by the French Company of Lavrion which constructed a railway in order to transport the minerals to the sea. The mining activity ceased between 1952 and 1956. There are iron mines that are abandoned now at Chatzovouni and Mpatagies, lead mines at Agios Georgios and Renieri and manganese mines at Manganies. * Source: Atlas of the geological monuments of the Aegean/Publication of the Ministry of the Aegean, 2002,

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