Donousa By Boat

The cruise around Donoussa is a touching experience that remains unforgettable.

Stavros is the port of the island, where the liners moor. You can moor inside the breakwater, or next to it, on the bay of Kedros.

Coming from Naxos towards Donoussa you will meet the cape of Kalotaritissa (or Roussa, as it is inscribed on the nautical charts) and you can sail towards the eastern side of the island, in the channel connecting it to Skoulonisi where the waters have green color – so it is worth stopping to dive. Continuing to the south you will pass by the cape Moschona (or Moschonari) and you will reach Fokospilia, where you will be impressed by the wonderful and bright colors of the seabed. It is worth swimming and climbing the rocks there. Following a southern route, you will go near the settlement of Mersini. You can moor at the pier of the small beach of Fykio, below Mersini, or in nearby Livadi.

Your next destinations might be Vathy Limenari, Kedros, the port, Limni and the Wall Cave.

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