Donousa Vathy Limenari

The first traces of habitation lie in the Early Cycladic period (3rd millennium BC), as the settlements in Achtia ton Argilion and Myti tou Trachyla indicate. The big heyday of the island dates back to the Geometrical years (10th-7th century BC) and it is reflected on the fortified settlement at the sight of Vathy Limenari, in the southeast, very close to Myti tou Trachyla. The excavations that took place here until 1968 brought to light important findings, such as big amphorae in circular shapes, vessels, offerings, etc. Most of them are located at the Archaeological Museum of Naxos. Today a secondary asphalted road leads to the archaeological site. Foundations of a sturdy wall, scattered architectural parts and traces from ancient tombs are preserved.

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