Folegandros The “monospita”

Cyclades - Folegandros Folegandros - The “monospita”

The traditional residences of the island both in the castle of Chora and in Ano Meria, in Karavostasis and the countryside are small flat-roofed or arched buildings with limited interior space, complemented by landings, small courtyards and sills. The thick stone walls were plastered on the inner side and whitewashed on the outer side. The floor was either trodden earth or local green slab. Ano Meria was also characterized by “themonies”, the independent rural entities which are still in the area to admire.

Only a few big houses have been built, mainly between the 19th and 20th century. These have two floors, carved lintels, large entrances and windows.

Over the last years that the island has a remarkable tourist development, the structured areas are complemented by hotels that try not to stray from the traditional architectural style.

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