Halki Monastery of Agios Ioannis Alargas

It is one of the most remote sights of the island. It is located 7.5 km west of Nimborio. You will get there after a 3-hour walk or by the municipal mini-bus after consultation with the driver. The church is vaulted, made in the 19th century and surrounded by ‘archontariki’ (monastery guesthouse) and cells. It is considered one of the biggest pilgrimages on the island and in the past it was connected to the traditional occupation of the sponge fishers. On August 28/29 the biggest festival of the island takes place here. A crowd of Halkians, locals and repatriates, is flocking. They are staying overnight in the cells, but most of them prefer the bedding on the “plati” as they call the cobblestone floor on the northern side of the katholikon. Info At a walking distance from the monastery there is Panagia, a country church dedicated to the Novena of Virgin Mary. It has interesting hagiographies on its walls and it celebrates on August 23 with a feast that includes a joint dinner and live music.

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