Ios Architecture

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The classic Cycladic architecture characterizes Chora of Ios, which stands out white-washed, built amphitheatrically on the hill slope. The thick stone walls offer protection from both heat and cold. The completely white color of the houses and the churches reflect the sun, offering coolness. In the streets, the “stigadia” and the “ntames” (the sheltered streets and the white-washed joints of their plates, in the local dialect) stand out. The houses and the alleys are always freshly painted, the terraces are white-washed and the vehicular traffic is prohibited. The dwellings of the countryside, “katikies”, “agrikies” or “etzeries” as the islanders call them, create small settlements.

A special element on the island’s landscape is the spiral system of the dry stones in the archaeological site of Skarkos, which is called “karavola” by the residents.

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