Ios Festivals and Costums

Ios - Festivals and Costums Ios - Festivals and Costums

The residents of Ios enjoy themeselves in every occasion in the festivals of the saints; for this reason in most churches of the island you will see stone benches.

The festivals are a great opportunity to experience the authentic spirit of the island, have fun and try the local dishes based on meat, which are cooked in the place where the festivals will take place. The celebration is completed with insular dances and music. Various traditional events are organized such as the fires and the spicy lyrics that accompany the celebration of Klidonas.


– June 24 is the celebration of Ai Giannis Klidonas, at Pyrgos.

– August 15 the Dormition of Virgin Mary is celebrated in the church of Gremiotissa at Chora.

– August 29 the celebrations of Ai Giannis tou Kalamou and Ai Giannis tis Psathi are organized

– September 8 the Birth of Virgin Mary is celebrated in Agia Theodoti and at Palaiokastro.

Smaller festivals are those of Agia Varvara, Mersinia, Agios Georgios at Vourlidakia and Ai Vlassis.

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