Kalymnos Caves and caverns

In Pothia, to the south-west of the settlement, there is the cave Kefala, which is of speleological, as well as archeological interest, as it is there that evidence concerning the cult of Zeus at Olympia was found. The main corridor is 103m long and the inlay includes huge stalactites. It was explored in 1961 by the oceanographer Anastasios Christomanos. You can visit it by means of a boat that departs from Pothia or Mirties.

On the steep slopes behind the settlement of Emporios there are also interesting caves.

To the north of the settlement Massouri, there is the cave of Saint Ioannis.

Up from Emporios, at a distance of 7km to the south-east, there is the village Skalia, which is built amphitheatrically and has a view to Telendos and the small island Kalavros. It is built in the area of the ancient municipality of Skaliodan. At a distance of 800m to the north-east of the settlement there is the cave of Skalia, which has wonderful stalagmites. However, there is no easy access.

In the area of Panormos, you can admire the impressive rock Patela, which separates the holiday settlements Kantouni and Linaria.

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