Kalymnos Churches


There are many remarkable and worth visiting churches on the island. Some of the most important are the following:

Pothia: The church of Jesus Christ the Lifesaver, having an authentic iconostasis made by the sculptor Yannoulis Chalepas coming from the island Tinos. The pictures and the religious paintings have been created by the local painters Sakellaris Magklis, George Oikonomou and Michael Alahouzos.

Agios Nikolaos constitutes another remarkable church in Pothia, which is situated near the port.

Vathis: There, you can see the exquisite religious paintings into the prominent church of Panagia Hosti.

Massouri: You can visit the small churches of Agios Ioannis and Virgin Mary that are situated at a mound near the settlement. In addition, you can visit the small church of Panagia of Kasteli, next to the ruins of the castle Kasteli, 2,5 km to the north towards Arginonta.

Mirties: The church of Agios Ioannis situated at the coastal settlement Melitsahas incorporates marble parts of Doric temple.

Panormos: On the island of Agia Kiriaki you will find the homonymous church.

Village: The church of Jesus Christ of Jerusalem, as it is called, is located 500m to the west of the settlement and it is built near the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo of Delos. A statue deposit, i.e. a landfill of unfinished or undesirable statues from a sculpture workshop, was traced in its yard. Most of statues, which represent deities and heroes, date back to the Hellenistic Period (2nd century BC). The church of Panagia Keharitomeni, former metropolis of the island with a remarkable woodcarver iconostasis, is also situated there. Ioannis Kolettis, the special commissioner of the “Supplementary islands of the part of eastern Sporades”, displayed at this place the Greek flag, before Kalymnos was exchanged with Euboea, in order to announce to the islanders that Kalymnos had become part of the Greek territory. The columns of the temple have been transferred from the chancel of Apollo, whose ruins are located outside Chorio, near the church Jesus Christ of Jesuralem.

Finally, at the highest hill of the island, above the Chorio’s castle, there is the church of Prophitis Elias.

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