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Kalymnos looks like heaven to climbers. In 1936, the Italian Andrea Di Bari came to Kalymnos to spend his summer holidays and he discovered the climbing opportunities that this island offers.

Its rocks are of excellent quality and they are easily accessible to climbers. The “nude rock”-which local people considered as a curse for the island- has been offering an alternative tourist activity that contributes to the increase of the island’s tourism. The Municipality of Kalymnos has effectuated a set of activities concerning the evolution of this sport, having as a milestone the 1st International Climbing Meeting that took place on October 2000. There are more than 40 organized climbing fields in limestone rock, with good marking in the starting points, fully equipped and totally safe, as there are stainless plugs, with a resistance of 2,5 tons each, permanently situated on the rock, which ensure the security of climbers in case a climber falls. The climbing routes are marked based on a difficulty scale, so as everyone will be able to directly verify their progress.

Since 2010, there is an indoor climbing center in Kalymnos, where Loukas Ntourntourekas is the manager, as he is one of the best climbers in Greece.

If you are involved with climbing, you should definitely visit the cave Sikati. The duration of walking is approximately 1 hour and most of it under the hot sun. Alternatively, you can go there by boat (keep in mind that the maximum number of passengers is 20), which departs from Melitsaha, just after Massouri.

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