Kalymnos Naval museum

Kalymnos - Naval museum Kalymnos - Naval museum Kalymnos - Naval museum

This building is a donation made by Katerina Vouvali and it is situated next to the City Hall. Katerina Vouvali was the wife of the wholesaler Nikolaos Vouvalis. She managed to gather a huge fortune and she benefited her homeland by means of various donations. The museum consists of four halls and contains exhibits that mainly emanate from the life of sponge divers, the mores and the customs of Kalymnians. In the first hall, there are photographs from the beginning of the 20th century that depict the town and various events before the departure of sponge divers, stone, leaded and iron anchors, nautical charts from the 16th-17th century, findings from shipwrecks, stone cylinders, ship’s rigging, nautical lights, dishes with nautical representations and wooden miniatures of boats. In the second and third hall, you will see sponge diving fittings from the beginning of the 19th century to date. Among the findings, there are, also, “skandalopetres” (rocks used when diving), maritime tools (sextant, compass, and barometer), skafandra and air pumps. Additionally, there is equipment and tools concerning the processing of sponges, as well as shells. In the last hall, visitors can see traditional costumes, dishes, headscarves, musical instruments, furniture of that period, sheets, pillows, woven, textile equipment, objects used during the fermentation of bread and pitches.


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In Pothia, you can find the Intellectual Centre-Reading Room called “The Muses”. On its first floor there is the Municipal Library.

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