Kalymnos Sponge-Processing Workshop

The natural sponge handicraft “Kalinda” of the company ATSAS & Co. GP is located at the port of Pothia, near the area Lafassi. It processes 30,000 sponges on an annual basis and it is accessible to the public. Here, not only can you find all the marketable kinds of sponges (“kapadika”, “matapades”, “lagofita”, “tsimouhes” and “melathia”), but you can also see in detail all the stages that sponges undergo before entering the market. The processing begins just after their extraction from the sea. Their external membrane is removed by means of trampling, battering, rinsing using seawater and soaking into hydrochloric acid, in order to take away any foreign matter. After that, they are trimmed and, then, they are classified according to kind, size and quality. Here, you can buy various kinds of sponges that constitute an original and smart gift.


Tel.: +30 22430 50530

E-mail: kalidna@klm.forthnet.gr

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