Kalymnos Statues, windmills, buildings

The statues on the quay of Pothia have been created by Michael Kokkinos and his daughter Irene. In the area of Pothia, you can admire the three windmills on the slope of the castle of Hrysoheria. The careening area, 1 km to the east of Pothia towards the area Vathis, stands at same place ever since ancient times. The buildings of the Sub-Prefecture and the City Hall of Kalymnos were built in 1930 by the Italian conquerors according to the Venetian architectural style. The mansion belonging to Katerina Vouvali, the building of the Orphanage, the hospital and the building of the Maritime Museum are donations made by the family of Nikolaos Vouvalis (1859-1918).

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