Karpathos Ancient quarries, inscriptions

An ancient quarry has been discovered at Lefkos, specifically at the position where Pelekito is located. An invisible city with many stone buildings, where people and animals used to live, is hidden among the rocks of the cave that the locals call “Kamara”.

The famous inscription that reads “Dorikon psifisma Karpathou” (which means Doric resolution of Karpathos) and was found in Vroukounta is about Minokritos Mitrodoros, the Samian physician of antiquity whom the residents of Vroukounta honored for the altruistic and impeccable medical services he offered them for more than 20 years. This was the reason why Olympos and the Samian town of Vathi became twin towns.

The former Italian Command Post, a distinct building of the Italian occupation period (1933-1935) that was designed by the architect Rodolfo Pertracco houses both the Archaeological Museum of Pigadia and the present administrative seat of the island.

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