Karpathos Arcaeological Museum of Pigadia

Karpathos - Arcaeological Museum of Pigadia

Marble columns staring at the sea welcome you to the Archaeological Museum which is right next to the administrative seat of the island. The museum has three small rooms with island findings from the prehistoric till the early Christian and medieval times. The first room houses stone objects and jars dating back to the 4th and 3rd millennium BC, as well as objects from the Mycenaean era. In this room, there is also a replica of a tomb from the 15th-early 13th century BC that was discovered at Vonies of Arkasa.

In the second room of the museum you will get to see jars, small statues, tombstones and other objects from the Greek Dark Ages, the Archaic, the Classical, the Hellenistic period and the period of the Roman Empire that were discovered at Potidaion (or Poseidion), which used to be the name of Pigadia during the Roman period according to the geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus, at Aperi, at the ancient Arkesia (or Arkasia) of Palaiokastro, at Vroukounta and at Lefkos. In the third and final room you’ll get to see parts from basilicas of the early Christian times such as a mural from the church of Agioi Apostoloi in Mesohori.


The museum’s opening hours in winter are: 8.30-15.00. In the summer the opening hours are regulated according to demand.

Tel.: +30 2245023441

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