Karpathos Arkasa

An extensive pedestrianization of its centre was enough to make Arkasa stand out from all the other settlements of the island. Being merely 16km away from Pigadia, this settlement’s location is as unique as the peninsula where the ruins of ancient Arkesia are situated. A dried up river, called “Ryaki”, divides the village in two neighborhoods (the “Pera” and the “Poe” neighborhood, as the locals call them), but there are bridges connecting the one with the other. It’s not a matter of luck that Arkasa is particularly favored by tourists, as you can feel its unique energy either by having a swim at the Agios Nikolaos beach or by having lunch at one of the tavernas of the nearby Finiki settlement. Even in winter, Arkasa doesn’t lose its lively atmosphere as many of its residents live there on a permanent basis.

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